The Catawba County Parenting Network has impacted families across our area and we would like
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We both were very impressed with the program at our church given by the Parenting Network. although we were both aware of the Parenting Network and the work that it does, we did not really think of it as something that was either available for us or that was intended for us. However, after sitting through the classes we realized that this was something that we should have both attended years ago. As the parents of four children (ages 4, 6, 9 and 10) we have struggled to understand the different needs of our children.

The Parenting Network instruction and materials really shed light on some things that we've done in the past when our children were newborns and infants. Things that we both wish we'd known back then. It also was helped understand ourselves and our children better where we're at right now. I recommend the Parenting Network to anyone that has young children or is expecting or even planning a family in the future. If you have questions, feel free to contact me at my office at 466 6159.

Jay and Beth Gaither
District Attorney, 25th Prosecutorial District

I am writing on behalf of the Parent's Anonymous group in Conover, NC, which I have been attending faithfully since May of last year. At that time it was court ordered, but I have been greatly helped by the support it offers and the many ideas and words of encouragement I have received form others attending. It is helpful to know you are not the only one dealing with difficult situations. The staff are fantastic and always ready to give love, and assistance the best way they can. I know this has helped me in dealing with some of the struggles with my son. Many times just going to group has been the lift I need to carry on with the daily struggles of being a single parent.

I attended my required 6 sessions and have continued as it has and continues to be a big help for me. I also believe I have been able to help others just by sharing my situation with others. It is also great that they provide supper and childcare for those attending.


Crystal McCubbin


I have found the classes offered by the Catawba County Parenting Network to be a great resource for all parents!  Both the Cooperative Parenting and Divorce class and the Parent to Parent class (designed for parents of tweens and teenagers) have enabled me to be a better parent equipped to handle the issues and challenges of this age. Whether you are a single mom, single dad or are parenting a child going through adolescence, these classes will not only give you the tools to do a better job but also give you the confidence you need to do the job well!

Brad Lail

I am a single mother of a 2 and a half year old boy. When I got married, I thought it would be for life. When I became a parent, I thought we would parent our son together under one roof. Little did I know that a divorce was in our future. I was not prepared for the emotional roller coaster I was facing. Along with the support of my family and friends, the Cooperative Parenting and Divorce classes sponsored by the Catawba County Parenting Network equipped me with the tools I needed to survive the turmoil of divorce. The classes helped me to understand that the focus should be on my child. I learned that when it came to parenting my son, I had to put away hurt feelings and emotions. Being in class with others who were experiencing similar struggles gave me support and helped me to realize that I am not the only person dealing with this difficult situation. I learned ways to manage conflict and improve communication with my son's dad. I also learned about the impact of parental conflict on my child and ways to keep my child from being caught in the middle of that conflict. I learned to be more aware of issues that were being discussed in front of my son and the effect this could have on him. The classes also helped me understand that I should let my son form his own opinion about the divorce. I learned how important it is to his emotional health that I value his relationship with his father and keep him out of any parental conflict. I thank the Parenting Network for sharing their knowledge with me and teaching me how to be a better parent.

Kristen Wilkinson

I want to thank the Catawba County Parenting Network for the wonderful Active Parenting Now class. My husband and I got so much useful information out of this class. We never saw eye to eye on how to discipline our children. He believed in spanking, and I was totally against it. It was becoming such a problem that we had recently separated because we could not agree on discipline. Therefore, we were always arguing and because of  this issue our marriage was suffering. Since taking the class, we have learned how to discipline our children without spanking or yelling. The result has been a more peaceful and loving household. Our children are happier and listening to us better than they ever have. We are also getting our marriage back on track. Thank you so much! Because of your wonderful educator and class, our family may be able to stay together.

Active Parenting Now

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Created in 1999, Catawba County Parenting Network works to improve the well-being of children and strengthen families in Catawba County by equipping parents with high quality parenting enrichment classes and support groups, as well as promptly connecting them to other needed family resources.

The Catawba County Parenting Network is a 501c3 non-profit organization and is primarily funded by the Catawba County Partnership for Children through Smart Start. Additional funding is provided by the Beaver Family Foundation, Inc., Bolick Foundation, Catawba County Schools, Catawba County United Way, Catawba Radiological Associates, Inc., Catawba Valley Medical Center, Frye Regional Medical Center, Hickory Public Schools, NC Pre-Kindergarten Program, Newton-Conover City Schools, Peoples Bank, Shuford Yarns LLC, Target, The George Foundation, The Department of Juvenile Justice, and Wells Fargo Foundation.

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